Navigating Mars with Nasa Mars Craft Simulation

 As you know, the work done in the space studies of various countries in recent months has attracted the attention of the whole world.

Free Puzzle Preparation


Many teachers want to increase the activities of their students in lessons by preparing various puzzles as activities in their lessons. However, many puzzle preparation programs are not very useful because they are paid or advertised, and since they are prepared according to a single puzzle form, the teacher who wants to do something different is going on the internet again.

Google Classroom and Other Virtual Classrooms

 Virtual classrooms, which we have mentioned a lot in recent years but have a very low long-term usage rate in our country, have started to be used more during the pandemic process. Among these virtual classrooms, we can say that Google Classroom is one of the oldest virtual classroom applications. Google Classroom is an application where we can share the course contents, give feedback and get answers from them. When we combine this application with Google's other tools, it becomes much more efficient. For example, we can use Google Forms for evaluation purposes and Google Earth for sharing course content. We can manage all of these from a single center, Google Classroom.

Classroom Design Example

Classroom Design

Classroom designs are crucial to the comfort of students and the quality of education. In particular, the school should first be shown to the students and parents with the design of the classroom that education is a serious phenomenon and must be done meticulously. Although it is difficult to implement in crowded classes and areas with financial difficulties, every class that passes our hearts should have an appropriate number of students and all the necessary equipment is complete.

Hagwons and the Korean Education System

 In this article, we briefly examined the South Korean education system, which is one of the countries that have been mentioned a lot in recent years when it comes to Education, and the teaching institutions in Korea, namely Hagwons.

The Game You Can Develop Your Own Space Shuttle KSP


Unfortunately, the pandemic process has been going on for more than 4 months. However, as of June 19, schools were officially closed and live classes ended. We will have a game suggestion for children who are a little more relaxed with the decrease in the bans imposed on children. KSP (Kerbal Space Program) is a flight-space simulation developed by Squad for operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The first version was published on June 24, 2011.

How Can Students Concentrate on Distance Education?

 Nowadays, when we are preparing to say hello to the 2020-2021 Academic Year, we will have to say hello in a slightly different way from the usual beginnings due to the pandemic. When it closed to schools in March, we thought that the schools would remain closed until the summer at most, then the pandemic would end in the summer and we would open the schools normally in September. However, unfortunately, this was not the case and the pandemic process still continues all over the world. In this process, it is not possible for schools to open normally. 

Interactive Digital Board Applications for Distance Education

 Distance Education has become one of today's standards. Although teachers get used to this situation, they still have to struggle with many shortcomings while doing their lessons with distance education. At the beginning of these, teachers are struggling to show the digital content they want to show to students comfortably, to make changes on these contents and to integrate their computers into the lessons more actively. In this article, we wanted to assist you in facilitating the distance education process and integrating technology into the lesson by sharing interactive board applications with you.

Escape Room in Education - Example of an Activity

When the term escape room is mentioned, we think of a game prepared to get rid of the mechanisms prepared in a space where mostly adults play. However, the Escape Room in Education is a room you want or need to escape in a gamified environment. Usually used as a fun experience, it can be adapted to a very exciting learning scenario for students, where they can compete to be the first to solve it or work together to escape from it. In this way, we wanted you to sample the escape room activity by preparing an activity rather than a description. We prepared an event using google forms for the escape room, where you can see many examples on sites such as Pinterest. Although our examples are digitally prepared, you can diversify this type of activity and turn it into activities that can be played in a space. As I said, you can find many activities on the internet, but you can prepare and experience one according to the situation of your students. In the rest of our article, you can experience the short escape room activity we prepared.

Algorithmic Thinking Activities for Preschool Children

Algorithms are all sequential logical steps required to solve a problem or a problem or achieve a specific goal. The steps of an algorithm must be sequenced in an appropriate order to do the task correctly. As can be understood from these definitions, we can say that Algorithmic thinking training is also a problem solving method. For this reason, we need to equip children with problem solving skills, which is one of the targeted skills to be acquired in the 21st century skills, by combining them with Algorithmic thinking skills. There are both computer and non-computer activities to teach these skills in preschool.