21st Century Skills Students Should Have

Changes in society affect many, individuals and institutions. It is one of these institutions in education. The changes experienced also bring about some changes in terms of education. The behavior and knowledge expected from a student in the past are now different. As a result of research by scientists, the 21st Century. skills are listed as follows.

E-Board Where You Can Teach by Looking at Your Students in Distance Education

 Michael Peshkin, a professor at Northwestern University, believed that turning his back on his students and lecturing reduced their motivation to the lesson, so he found a way to teach by looking at the students. The transparent board, the professor's own invention, also used a double-sided system and computer. We have published this article here before. A long time has passed since this article and the board named e-glass, which did not attract much attention at that time, was added to the use of teachers with much more technical features with the pandemic.

Tool for the Blind Reading Text and Recognizing Objects

 The social responsibility film of the OrCam device, which is one of the most important inventions made for visually impaired individuals in recent years, with the famous football player Messi has also made a great impact. OrCam can perform very important tasks, both for children and adults. As we give priority to our children as a teacher, OrCam is a great device for children to continue their education and lives independently of their parents.