Artificial Intelligence Activity Examples That Can Be Used In The Classroom

We have previously examined Artificial Intelligence systems that future generations will use much more often than today's individuals and will take place in almost every aspect of our lives. In this article, we will try to examine the applications that future generations will have an idea about what happened by applying Artificial Intelligence activities personally.

To remember again, we mentioned that Artificial Intelligence will be used in many sectors today and in the near future. In fact, artificial intelligence software is used to automatically add subtitles to the speech in videos integrated into Youtube, and this software has now introduced algorithms that show applause, laughter and music in subtitles. This artificial intelligence application enables hearing-impaired individuals to watch videos much more effectively on Youtube. The first of our examples for Artificial Intelligence activities, which we can define as effective use of information by making inferences from large data sets:

Teachable Machine project

In the Google-supported project, the computer showing visual, sound and movements can combine these data sets in the database and define the sound, visual or motion you have just shown and tell you what is happening. For example, your students can upload their own photos and then define who is the first photo you defined.

Quick Draw

Quick draw project is also a fun Artificial Intelligence Drawing activity developed by Google. You have to try to draw the images that he / she says within 20 seconds. In the meantime, the application is trying to recognize what you have drawn.

Artificial Intelligence for the Oceans

The artificial intelligence activity for oceans is a coding activity that explains how students can personally train a machine to recognize fish and other objects in the oceans. You can save this event as a European Coding Week Event on the Cood Week page and hold it for your school or classroom. Thus, you will also receive a Cood Week Certificate.
You can review the Wakelet Board, where you can find the applications we have described and more, from the rest of our article.

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