Mask Suggestions for Teachers

 Many experts warn about masks, which started with the pandemic process and have become an indispensable part of our lives, about the use of quality masks. Although it is a product that healthcare professionals already use routinely, other professions or a normal citizen are still undecided about what kind of mask to use. In fact, there is not much difference between whether some masks are worn or not, so we wanted to inform you about what kind of masks teachers who have to work in very crowded environments.

When we compile the information we get from the experts of the business

The first choice should be the N95, when properly worn, these masks can protect you by 95 percent. However, these are still difficult to find and expensive due to high demand.
The second choice is KF94 These masks can filter the airborne particles by 94% and they are more economical and easy to find.

Third Choice is K95 masks. These masks made in China are equivalent to N95's, but "You have to be very careful here because fake K95s are sold everywhere. It is therefore useful to source them from reliable places. The predictions about when the pandemic will end do not point to a very near date, so our teachers and It is very important for people who have to be in crowded environments to wear better quality masks for themselves and other people they are with.

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