10 Digital Formative Assessment Tools


"When teachers get to know their students well, they can make strong connections that lead to better learning. Knowing students' interests, strengths, and weaknesses helps teachers tailor their learning experiences for their students."

As stated in the excerpt at the beginning of our article, assessment is very important to identify students and shape their lesson activities accordingly. The evaluation, which the educators do not pay much attention to, is actually the most important part of the educational processes.

The indispensable will be in the Hybrid system. For this reason, teachers should be able to do the assessment processes in a much more effective way and also in a digital environment, instead of just doing the evaluation processes by doing a two-word oral in the semester.

Many websites and mobile applications that we use for different purposes can actually be used as an evaluation tool. For example, we can use the Google forms application not only for survey purposes but also as an evaluation tool. You may know the applications we will share with you, but you may never have used them for evaluation purposes. From now on, restructure your assessment activities from this perspective and remember that evaluating your students is not only to measure your knowledge, but also to know their interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Google Forms: Create forms with hyperlinks, images, and videos. Use them for polls and quizzes.

Plickers: Plickers is a simple application that allows teachers to collect formative assessment data in real time without the need for student devices.

Padlet: A free website to collect and share text, images, videos and files. You can call it an online sharing wall.

Kahoot: This is a popular free classroom quiz game that allows teachers to ask multiple choice or sequential questions. I can say that children love it very much.

Quizlet: Allows students to learn and improve by working with flashcards, games, and more. You can also create and use your own cards and other people can use your cards.

Quizizz: Another great game and quiz maker app.

Classkick: Upload a PDF and add text, drawings, photos, hyperlinks, and audio recordings to create dynamic course content.

Triventy: A tool for conducting group polls and quiz games. The teacher can use their own questions or use pre-prepared questions.

Socrative.com: A free web-based service that allows you to evaluate students with prepared activities or instant questions.

Nearpod: Nearpod works on any device's browser to let you create or upload a slideshow where you can then add your own questions.

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