Algorithmic Thinking Activities for Preschool Children

Algorithms are all sequential logical steps required to solve a problem or a problem or achieve a specific goal. The steps of an algorithm must be sequenced in an appropriate order to do the task correctly. As can be understood from these definitions, we can say that Algorithmic thinking training is also a problem solving method. For this reason, we need to equip children with problem solving skills, which is one of the targeted skills to be acquired in the 21st century skills, by combining them with Algorithmic thinking skills. There are both computer and non-computer activities to teach these skills in preschool.

To Give An Example Of Computerless Algorithmic Thinking Activities:

We can even brew tea as an Algorithmic thinking activity. You can expand these types of examples according to the level of your students. You can even watch the video below and see how fun the job can be.

1. Get started
2.Put tea in the teapot
3.Put water in the water boiler
4. Start the water boiler
5.Wait until the water boils
6. Has the water boiled? If no, go to step 4
7.Add the water from the kettle to the teapot
8. Is the teapot full? If no, go to step 3
9.Close the teapot cover
10. Finish

Algorithmic Thinking Activities with Computer

In this section, we can say that the options are much more because you can find dozens of applications from application markets. Besides, you can review this section on site. This section is entirely prepared for students between the ages of 4-8. You can also use the site You can find events gathered from dozens of sources collectively on the Hour of code site. You can also try the Hopscotch application, which is the choice of the App Store controller.

Android users are Lightbot Jr, ScratchJr, and CodeMonkey Jr. You can also use applications such as. You can also watch videos of the applications.

The applications and activities we share will definitely be beneficial for our children. You can diversify according to the level and interest of your own student group.

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