Use of Telepresence Robots in Education

Telepresence, according to Wikipedia, is technology that allows a person, through telerobotics, to feel as if they are somewhere outside of their actual location, to give the impression of being there, or to make an impact. Telepresence requires the users' senses to be stimulated in a way that gives them that sense of being elsewhere. There has been a great increase in the use of this technology in education in recent years. Telepresence Robots, which are used in many regions, especially in Texas, America, were used by students as a friend and a teacher. Telepresence Robots are also used in health and some service sectors apart from education. Telepresence Robots, which are an instructive friend for students who have to be alone from their homes with the pandemic process, are currently used in schools.

Telepresence Robots can be used in education, small group work, individual activities and general classroom work. An internet connection is required for the operation of robots, which can detect warnings such as finger lifting through the sensors on it. It is useful to use a range extender for Telepresence Robots, which can cause problems in areas where there is no proper connection. Robots used in special education applications can be adapted for different situations by dressing them in various clothes.

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