Escape Room in Education - Example of an Activity

When the term escape room is mentioned, we think of a game prepared to get rid of the mechanisms prepared in a space where mostly adults play. However, the Escape Room in Education is a room you want or need to escape in a gamified environment. Usually used as a fun experience, it can be adapted to a very exciting learning scenario for students, where they can compete to be the first to solve it or work together to escape from it. In this way, we wanted you to sample the escape room activity by preparing an activity rather than a description. We prepared an event using google forms for the escape room, where you can see many examples on sites such as Pinterest. Although our examples are digitally prepared, you can diversify this type of activity and turn it into activities that can be played in a space. As I said, you can find many activities on the internet, but you can prepare and experience one according to the situation of your students. In the rest of our article, you can experience the short escape room activity we prepared.

Steps to create an escape room

Decide what types of tasks / learning scenarios the students will be working with.

Create tasks / questions students have to solve.

Decide on the rules for the escape room. Will the students work together? Is there a time limit? 

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