Interactive Digital Board Applications for Distance Education

 Distance Education has become one of today's standards. Although teachers get used to this situation, they still have to struggle with many shortcomings while doing their lessons with distance education. At the beginning of these, teachers are struggling to show the digital content they want to show to students comfortably, to make changes on these contents and to integrate their computers into the lessons more actively. In this article, we wanted to assist you in facilitating the distance education process and integrating technology into the lesson by sharing interactive board applications with you.

Explain Everything

Another interactive board application you can use online is explain everything. Although this application stands out by allowing you to access it online from anywhere, the free version can be difficult for those who teach in different lessons with many classes, as the free version allows up to 3 boards. However, if you say I do not save anything, you can use the system without even being a member. Let's not forget that you can also use it by pairing with your mobile devices. You can experiment on site.

Another interactive board application is the website. The feature of this application that stands out compared to the others, you can use the interactive board application as a classroom by creating a class with students and adding them. The application, in which you can see the devices of your students, also has mobile device support.
You can improve your distance education lessons with online interactive digital board applications that we do not provide detailed information but work in the same logic. You can also try the apps from the list below and choose the appropriate one for yourself.
Graphics Tablet

Our teachers, who perform a lot of drawing operations in the lessons rather than the board applications we mentioned, can take a graphic tablet and process their lessons more efficiently with graphic tablets that can be used in the distance education process and even afterwards. Especially mathematics etc. I think it will make your work much easier in the lessons.

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