Google Classroom and Other Virtual Classrooms

 Virtual classrooms, which we have mentioned a lot in recent years but have a very low long-term usage rate in our country, have started to be used more during the pandemic process. Among these virtual classrooms, we can say that Google Classroom is one of the oldest virtual classroom applications. Google Classroom is an application where we can share the course contents, give feedback and get answers from them. When we combine this application with Google's other tools, it becomes much more efficient. For example, we can use Google Forms for evaluation purposes and Google Earth for sharing course content. We can manage all of these from a single center, Google Classroom.

Other Virtual Classroom Applications

Microsoft Teams

When we examine other virtual classroom applications, the most important application that stands out is Microsoft Teams. This application has become much more efficient with its latest updates and is not only a virtual classroom application, but also a sharing application that companies can use. Microsoft Teams has a nice feature that does not exist in Google and other virtual classrooms, you can create room live lessons, and you can record these lessons on the same page. This feature is very useful for students to use. However, using Teams is a bit difficult due to the complexity of the page design. This is present in almost all Microsoft products.

Class Dojo

Another virtual classroom application ClassDojo started as an evaluation tool and has now become both an evaluation tool and a virtual classroom application. There is no live course support in the application, where you can add parents and other teachers who attend the course.

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